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Major Initiatives

The ELC tackles key challenges on behalf of the tech sector, including:

  • Representing the tech sector in a broad coalition to advance reasonable implementation of the California Green Chemistry Initiative;
  • Serving as the sector’s lead with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on ENERGYSTAR specifications for tech products, including PCs, displays, printers, servers and networking equipment;
  • Leading sector engagement on the development of green procurement standards for tech products and the implementation of federal green procurement programs (e.g., EPEAT);
  • Representing the tech sector in global product environmental negotiations, including the Basel Convention and the U.N. Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management;
  • Developing consensus sector policies on materials restrictions, electronics recycling and energy efficiency, and advancing those with domestic and international regulators;
  • Advocating before the U.S. Department of Energy and California Energy Commission to promote consistent, science-based product energy regulation;
  • Leading tech sector policy engagement on federal supply chain sustainability requirements, including conflict minerals sourcing and efforts to combat human trafficking;
  • Engaging with California regulators on modified labeling rules and the listing of new chemicals under Proposition 65;
  • Coordinating sector engagement on product environmental and energy regulatory policies in Latin America, China, India and other key global jurisdictions;
  • Testifying before the U.S. Congress on conflict minerals, TSCA reform, electronics recycling and green procurement policies;
  • Engaging with U.S. EPA to advance fair and reasonable e-recycling programs under the federal National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship;
  • Offering collective reporting services for our members to facilitate compliance with regulatory and market mandates including California SB 20/50, IMERC, EPA ENERGYSTAR Unit Shipment Data and Global EPEAT Unit Shipment Data; and,
  • Providing our U.S. Product Stewardship Compliance Calendar, Enforcement Reports and regulatory reviews of key issues such as wearables.